How I plan to study for the MCCEE

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any books that were specifically for the MCCEE (unlike the USMLE).

After doing my research, I have settled on the following:



– Canadaqbank


Essential Med Notes (a new version is released every year). I am planning to do the exams in March 2016 by God’s grace. This doesn’t give me enough time to read this book as thoroughly as I’d like. So, I intend to use it only for reference. Please click on the highlighted book links to view them on

– Master the Boards USMLE Step 2 CK

First Aid for the USMLE Step 2 CK

USMLE Step 2 Secrets



20 thoughts on “How I plan to study for the MCCEE

    1. I did eventually find a study group to work with for my NAC osce. It was basically through calling several friends who called theirs. However, join rxpg online forum and make a comment for a study group or study partner. You might find one. Secondly, what province are you based? AIMGA has study groups here in Alberta

    1. I think it is at least 60% close especially for psychiatry. I also did the actual MCCEE self administered exam which helped too. So sorry I don’t know how to get old exams to practise with.

  1. Hi Doctor Fomski ,

    I program to pass the MCCEE for March/17
    Actually for my study , I use the TN .
    I do not know which book can I add, the first aid Usmle step 2ck or Master the boards Usmle ?
    It will be kind if you give me an advice .

  2. Hi Doctor Fomski ,
    I have one question , it is about the immigration .
    Currently I study in Italy ( Med school ) , but I am from the corn of Africa .
    I know that to apply for the speciality , you have to be necessarily a canadian citizen .,..
    Do you have some information about the procedure ?
    Thank you again for your disponibility.
    Bless you

  3. Hi Dr. Fomski, really enjoyed reading your blog post.
    I wanted to know if you have any review of other Qbanks as oppose to Canada Qbank?
    We’ve used Canada Qbank for a while now, but it seems it hasn’t really helped me much… I have tried the MCCEE and didn’t pass, and I am attempting it again.

    Also Toronto notes seems cumbersome and not easy to get through as I notice I spend so much time reading it… I have the USMLE Step 2CK first aid… do you recommend any other?
    My areas of weakness are Peds and Internal Meds…. which are key areas….
    Any info you can give to me will be much appreciated.


      1. I also liked the Master the Boards CK.
        I used the USMLE world Qbank Step 2 Ck when I was preparing for the QE1 and it was very very helpful for that exam. You might want to try it too.
        However, I didn’t like the LMCC Qbank .
        Although it is good to read the 4 big ones (peds, surgery, obstetrics and medicine), I think Psychiatry and Ethics are very important areas to know when attempting this exam. In my opinion, at least 25 – 40% of the questions are from these 2 subjects.
        You already know that internal medicine is so broad and as a result, you can’t really finish it. Therefore spend most of your time studying the other areas.

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