Hi lovely people. I can’t believe that I didn’t pop in at the beginning of the year to wish you a beautiful 2017. How have you been enjoying the year? Hope you are achieving your goals career and/or study wise?

Thanks to God: I passed my MCC QE Part 1 and IELTS. After that, I applied for the Alberta IMG program and the next step in this process is to go in for the CaRMS residency applications.

If you’re interested in knowing the step-by-step process of getting a residency program in Canada (especially for the province of Alberta), please leave a comment and I’ll make a separate post for that. If you’re already a specialist or you have some years of experience, there are other alternatives and pathways. I can also write what I know about it. Please let me know if I should do a write-up on this too.

Do take care and I will keep you updated about my interim plans.