First of all, AIMGA is not equivalent to AIMG. AIMGA stands for Alberta International Medical Graduates Association and AIMG for Alberta International Medical Graduate Program. For more details about the relationship between AIMG and IMGs residing in Alberta, please read HERE.

When I first came to Alberta, I was completely clueless as to where to get help. In the midst of my internet browsing, I stumbled on the AIMGA website and even though it seemed promising, I couldn’t access any of the information on it because I was not a member. If you’re like me, you’ll understand that I am skeptical about websites like that. I didn’t have any idea if their programs were worth my time. Moreover, I hadn’t really seen or heard of any personal experiences from AIMGA members. However, since I was out of options on how to get exam preparation assistance, I opted to sign up for their membership, and I am extremely glad I made that decision. (The membership fee is $ 40 annually).  Since joining AIMGA, I have enjoyed many benefits and attended several courses at no extra costs besides the annual membership fee.

Some of the programs they offer include:

1. Professional Language Skills (PLS)

2. Language Proficiency Preparation Courses in IELTS and iBT-TOEFL

3. Basic Life Support Certification For Health Professionals

4. MCCEE, NAC and MCCQE1 study groups and mock exams.

5. Residency Preparation

6. Many others

Besides the program offerings, their staff are extremely helpful. Furthermore, when you attend programs, you can meet other likeminded people, find a study partner(s) and develop friendships.

Are you an Alberta IMG? Have you heard about AIMGA? Are you a member?

Please take note that the MCCEE will be phased out, and November 2018 will be the last session. Candidates will have until mid-November 2018 to take the MCCEE.