I saw this on the HOW I GOT MY JOB website and thought it would be good to share.

In the article, Navid shares his experience of how he became a resident physician through the International Medical Graduate program at UBC.


An Excerpt from the interview:

First of all, before you start applying or even before coming to Canada, seek and obtain as much information as you can. Some people just come here and get surprised in the middle of the application process. They go, “Oh! I should do that too?” Some other people come here and they apply and then they realize, “Oh, this is not what I wanted. I actually wanted this or that.” You should be coming here with wide open eyes and not have any doubts when you apply for residency. If you have any doubts, you’re not going to be sure about things; you’re not going to work as hard as you can with 100% power. You should be motivated and hopeful and determined the whole way through. So I believe first of all, information, information, and information. This is the most important thing.

In addition to having information, people should also have a good plan. They should start planning way ahead before coming to Canada. They should have an approximate idea of when they’ll take their exams, when they want to apply to residency, and so on. I know some people who came here without a plan and they say, “Okay, I’ll take the first exam”, but then they take their sweet time and it honestly took them three years just to finish that first step. You need to make a good timeline that helps you move quickly and challenge yourself.

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