Happy new year! What’s happening? I’m sorry I didn’t respond to any comments or messages through the Christmas holidays but I’ll work on them in the next couple of days.

So, now for my CaRMS 2019 update. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any interviews this cycle.

I did a Clinical Assessment Placement here in Alberta in 2018 and got a good evaluation report, so I was hoping that it would improve my chances of getting invited for an interview. Alas, that didn’t count.

I believe that MMI scores (organized by the AIMGA) also have a great impact on your chances of getting into a residency program. However, I don’t think that my score was competitive enough.

Going forward, I am considering several options:

1. Taking the PLAB exams.

2. Redoing the NAC OSCE to improve my score.

3. Attending a course to improve my MMI score.

Did you partake in the last CaRMS cycle? What was your experience?