Hello everyone! How are you doing? I have been MIA from here for over a year. It’s all for a good cause ‘cos I’ve been working as a doctor in the UK since last year.

Unfortunately, CaRMS still didn’t work for me this year but that was alright as I was already settled in my job. I do have some friends who got into residency in Canada and I’m very happy for them. This means that there’s still hope for some people! 🙏🏾👍🏾👏🏾

Some things have changed with regards to getting into practice in Canada but I don’t think I have much inclination or time to make new posts about Canadian practice just yet. Maybe in a couple of years. ☺️😀

If you have any questions to ask, leave a comment here or email me (preferred). Depending on the question, I will respond via email or send you my WhatsApp number so we can chat there.

If you have sent me an email in the last year and I didn’t respond, please send me another email and I will give you my WhatsApp number so we can actually chat directly. My email address is internationalphysiciantraining@gmail.com. Do take care and I will talk to you soon!! Much love 💕

P/S: I have a draft post about someone who got into ‘Practice Readiness’ and I will publish it in due course.